Year 11 Challenge Day

St Michael's Challenge Day 4.9.2013 040An inner-city school asked us to inspire their new Year 11s to start their final year with a refreshed mindset. Our brief was, not only to encourage them to work in teams, but also to help them understand that ‘the world ain’t always easy’ and (in some cases) to reduce a perceived sense of entitlement. The school wanted them to work together to overcome challenges and, in preparation for the year ahead, manage their own time.
St Michael's Challenge Day 4.9.2013 018

So on the first day back, 130 Year 11 students traipsed into the hall, uncertain of what the day had in store for them. They were greeted with three very different (seemingly simple) challenges that needed to be done within tight timeframes and against a rigorous set of criteria.

The groups stepped up to the challenges, they analysed their skills sets and divided the tasks accordingly. We saw how cooperative, productive and entertaining they could be! A very busy but great day, with a noticeable difference in confidence and energy throughout the student body.

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