Many young people have high aspirations but have no idea how to make them a reality and so they remain pipedreams. Some don’t seem to have aspirations at all, or their context or self belief acts as a blocker to their potential – so they can get disillusioned or disengaged.  The Unlock Programme bridges these gaps by providing knowledge, skills, support, opportunities and motivation that young people need in order to succeed in today’s world.


Unlock takes students through a series of experiences over four full days spread over six to eight weeks.  At the end students will have met with inspirational people in their places for work, and discussed and pitched opportunities with decision makes running organisations very close to their school or college.  Along the way student participants will have given multiple presentations and learned about themselves and others.  They will be equipped with knowledge, skills and experience directly relevant to the real world which they can upon draw throughout their lives.

We run Unlock programmes for students aged 13 – 15. For those aged 17 – 19, we run an accelerated programme.

The core Unlock module can extend to Unlock Enterprise and Unlock Enterprise Plus which further develop participants’ skills and knowledge.

Key skills and knowledge participants gain are:

Self-awareness · Communication · Independence · Teamwork · Employability · Inquisitiveness · Questioning · Responsibility · Self-confidence · Presentation delivery ·  Resilience · Decision making · Negotiation · Organisation .



The programme is run as the core to which can be added a further two modules.  We always adapt the programme to meet the requirements of particular schools and always bring the programme to a local level.  Each module brings an additional set of skills to form a comprehensive platform for student development.

Discover what’s possible

We work with students who aren’t achieving their full potential, whether that’s because they lack confidence, are disengaged, or could simply push themselves further. Others are chosen because the school recognises their potential but the student might not see it in themselves yet.

Working with groups of 12, 24 and 30 students, we develop students’ skills sets such that they are able to develop and demonstrate to others in the school what they are able to achieve.

Our aim is to embed a ‘positive virus’ whereby the students influence their teachers and peers in a sustainable way.

Share the impact

The Immersion Day is where we take participants to meet up to five groups of inspirational professionals at their places of work.  Each host has agreed to share their stories and answer any questions which participants may have.  Taking participants out of their comfort zone by introducing them to different environments and people leads them to reset their perceptions of what they can achieve and gives them some ideas as to what they need to do next.

Students present their experiences back – giving them the opportunity to inform their teachers and peers of the things they learnt about the wider world of achievement and opportunities.

Unlock Enterprise and Enterprise Plus

IMG_4015We challenge Unlock students to work together on projects for the school’s wider community.

By facilitating training and skills sessions for other students in the school, participants have the opportunity to showcase their learning and expand its impact within their school and local community.

They are encouraged to reflect on what changes they would like to see happen in their school and then take the lead to make those changes happen.

“Through Unlock, one group of 24 students managed to have a direct impact on over 400 students across the school: well over 50% of the total number of students in that school.”

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