Many young people have high aspirations but have no idea how to make them a reality and so they remain pipedreams. Some don’t seem to have aspirations at all, or their context or self belief acts as a blocker to their potential – so they can get disillusioned or disengaged.  The Unlock Programme, targeted at students aged 13 – 15, bridges these gaps by providing knowledge, skills, support, opportunities and motivation that young people need in order to succeed in today’s world.

In brief What the school gets
– Four day course spread over seven weeks to embed learning – Kick-off inspirational session for up to 300 students
– Intense programme for groups of 12 students + 2 staff – Potential for sponsorship from local businesses
– Targeted at students aged 13 – 15 – Knowledgeable ambassadors for the school
– Tailored to specific needs of students and the school – Expanded business contacts


How students benefit
– Meet at least 10 influential leaders – Opportunities to curate their own work experience
– Equipped with knowledge, experience & skills directly
 –relevant to the real world
– Confidence in conversing with people from a range
of backgrounds and industries
 – Established network from which they can draw upon at
any time
– Developed sense of inquisitiveness & questioning
 – Able to make informed decisions about their future paths


Self-awareness · Communication · Independence · Teamwork · Employability · Inquisitiveness · Questioning · Responsibility · Self-confidence · Presentation delivery ·  Resilience · Decision making · Negotiation · Organisation


Day 1  challenges mindsets and equips participants with an ability to engage with people they’ve never met by developing their sense of intuitiveness and questioning
Day 2 introduces students to business leaders in their
place of work. It opens their eyes to opportunities and
allows them to develop strategies for their personal development
Day 3 captures their learning so far. It focuses on presentation skills & personal confidence such
that students can share their experiences with others.
This positions participants as a resource for others
in the school
Day 4 validates what they have learned and further
develops their skills in conversing with people they’ve
never met. It provides opportunities for students to start making things happen for themselves

The four day programme can be extended with additional modules with our Unlock Enterprise or Unlock Enterprise Plus programmes

“Through Unlock, one group of 12 students managed to have a direct impact on over 400 students across the school: well over 50% of the total number of students in that school.”  Head, South London

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