Our Approach:

Conferences can have many purposes, some inform and update while others inspire and motivate. Most offer a combination of both. When we’re asked to speak at conferences, our contribution usually falls under the category ‘inspire and motivate’.  Often this is because people have seen Marcus speak before and so invite him to do something similar at their event but he, and the rest of the team, can do so much more.

Key notes can be crucial to a conference or training event; they set the tone, create a common rhetoric and, if done well, engage and motivate an audience. Workshops and breakout sessions are beneficial to smaller groups that want to focus on something specific. We’re often asked to do both in order to reach many then go deeper with a few.

Whether delivering a key note, facilitating a workshop or chairing a panel, we lead participants through a journey of self-discovery, bench-marking against what others have achieved in order to challenge mindsets and people’s perception of the ‘norm’ and what is possible.

Longer sessions (from two hours to a full day) enables much more structured group work to be undertaken to create a series of objectives, commitments and partnerships.  This helps participants create a jointly developed action plan with measurable milestones.

376525_10150496770508980_316109861_nWhilst we’re well known for addressing audiences within the education sector, we are by no means limited to this. Here are just some of the events we’ve contributed to recently:



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