Socrates’ Tree

What is Socrates’ tree?

SocratesTree_questionaireSocrates’ tree is a unique online decision support tool that enables schools to collect and compare the views of the most important stakeholders: students, staff, parents, governors and members of the local community.

It can be tailored to any structure and to any number of participants.  Socrates’ Tree doesn’t simply ask people to tick box A or B. Respondents are faced with a ‘dilemma’ which poses two extreme sides of a scenario or argument. They have to chose which side of the dilemma they most agree with. Questions posed have been developed with a view to invoke a reaction – whether positive or negative.  When people feel passionately about something they are more likely to express their opinions.  Socrates’ Tree offers participants the opportunity to leave comments on the issues they feel most strongly about.

We’ve made analysing responses simple.  Respondents are asked to tell us how strongly they feel about each issue presented, this means that when it comes to reviewing the results, you’re able to prioritise your focus based on which issues are most important to your community. There’s also the ability to search through comments so you can dip in and out to search for topics that are relevant to you at any given moment.

We believe that understanding the opinions, concerns and suggestions of your school community is essential for driving forward meaningful change. By using a rigorous approach, bias can be avoided.

Socrates’ tree helps:

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Benefits of running a Socrates’ Tree consultation:

We are also able to provide an in depth analysis and consultation work based on the findings.


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