It’s not unusual to find it difficult to analyse something you’re so close to, that you live and breathe every day.  We use our diverse range of experiences to aid your decision making process in order to achieve the most appropriate outcome for your school.

What makes us unique ?

Our 18 years’ experience, a few awards and hundreds of happy clients give us an impressive track record of successfully working with schools across the country to implement positive change.

We have a broad range of backgrounds from education, finance and property development through to social networking, recruitment and management.  One of our core strengths is the diversity of experience we have within our team.


Our work involves interacting with people from different industries. The people we meet through Immersion Days and conferences means we’re relatively up to speed with what other organisations across a range of sectors have done and how they’ve done it. This means we are able to look at situations objectively and enable others’ experiences to benefit your situation.

Like many organisations, schools can be complex environments.  There’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer to working with schools; we are after all, dealing with people – any approach should be borne of a result of their collective needs.

With this in mind, we think it’s crucial to develop a relationship with our partner schools. Everything we do is so that we can immerse ourselves in a community in order to really get to grips with the key issues and objectives.

Croydon workshopWe pride ourselves on really listening to the issues at hand, and deeply understanding the situation before suggesting the best course of action.

You’ll see from the products and case studies available on this website that our offering is diverse. This makes limiting the definition of consultancy hard. Our clients approach us for a vast range of reasons: sometimes they are struggling to overcome a challenge; sometimes they are excelling in something but unsure about how to take it to the next level; sometimes they are unsure of how to manage a process of change. Whatever the reason, it always starts with a conversation. Together, we work out the best route forward.

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