6th Form Accelerator

All students have an ability. All students gain knowledge. The problem is that students often think that they at a disadvantage to students who have gone to ‘better’ schools.

Our 6th form accelerator helps to bridge the gap. We help students develop their skills and confidence and we introduce them to the start of their professional network. The combination enables them to realise that there is nothing to stop them (other than themselves) from achieving their goals, providing they have a strategy, experience and skills. More importantly, they realise and appreciate that their background, whatever it may be, is not and should not be a limiter.

We do this by curating a number of national influential leaders who host one hour meetings on the first full day of the programme. This gives students an insight into careers of successful people. On the second full day we curate six or seven local influential leaders who meet with students one to one in school. Here students utilize the skills gained by meeting national leaders in order to develop their own network of local leaders who can advise and help them beyond the programme and their A Levels.

Logistics and timing dictate that numbers on each course are limited to 12 student together with two school staff.


In Brief What the School gets
– Two and a half student time – Inspirational talk for whole 6th Form
– Each course run in small groups (max 12) – Expanded business contacts
– Students meet at least 12 influential leaders – Potential for sponsorship opportunities from hosts
– Tailored to specific student and school needs – Knowledgeable ambassadors for the school


Key Learning Outcomes Achieved by Students
– Self-confidence & self awareness – First entrants to Oxbridge accepted
– Interviewing skills and opportunities to use them – Increased numbers accepted at Russell Group
– Developing and using their own network – Many Head Boys & Head Girls from course graduates
– Communication & questioning – Exam grades higher than forecast
– Responsibility, teamwork and resilience – Student instigated work experience


“This is an excellent opportunity. It’s been a brilliant 3 weeks; quite intense, quite short but a really effective and high impact programme to run with 6th Form which has been brilliant. Thank you very much.”
Head of 6th Form, Surrey

“It wasn’t just enjoyment, it’s the fact it opened so many doors in my brain about what I could do. Now I’m able to think about things and I’m going to use the doors.” Year 12 student, Sutton

“This [programme] has been very helpful in realising my potential and what I want to do later in life”
Year 12 student, South London

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