Immersion Days

Our Immersion for Teachers is a day and a half residential CPD programme, with an optional one day follow-up, for groups of up to 14 participants and available for all subjects. The Immersion gives participants the time and space to meet with like-minded professionals from different schools and a chance to engage with leading practitioners in their given field. Not only does this create a new network of colleagues across the country, but also contacts with other successful people in different industries which reignites teacher curiosity and provides background to every student’s desire to learn.


Our Vision

At Bloomberg

At Bryanston Square, we aim to increase people’s life chances through education, no matter who they are. We work with students to increase their aspirations and personal responsibility to do something with their education, but we also work alongside teachers who are passionate about working with students in exciting and energised ways. However, subject based CPD is often visiting others in a similar environment to your own. We saw that it would be more effective were one to meet and investigate others in different fields and receive an insight into real time developments.

Participants on an Immersion programme meet a variety of other successful people in their own environments, moving away from the traditional subject silos that have led to so many disaffected students AND teachers. We find that by generating imaginative and creative ways of working with students and offering an insight into how your subject can fit into their future reignites their inquisitiveness, curiosity and passion for learning.

Real World Insight

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During an Immersion Day participants from different schools embark upon a journey during which they will expand their network, learn from each other, challenge ideas and reset their mindsets.

The Immersion day hopes to reignite your curiosity by meeting with expert practitioners in their given field to give you the opportunity to engage in conversations about both the cutting edge developments in your subject and the future of the wider world.
These conversations about how education and knowledge is used in the real world provide the evidence of the limitless possibilities of your learning environment, with the intention that you form ideas on how to increase student engagement. The real impact of that is teachers become facilitators of learning, meaning students are more likely to keep their natural enquiring and inquisitive minds rather than the passive listeners we are all too accustomed to seeing in schools.


Collaborative Network of Teachers

Immersion 5th May 2011 Roundhouse main space 1From the beginning of the programme, the Immersion sets up an environment where the group can collaborate with one another, discussing and reflecting on their experience which they can then bring back to respective schools.

Our online networking group and final conference keeps the participants in contact with one another, allowing for this collaboration to continue well after the Immersion, sharing and influencing the education system all across the country.


Teachers on Immersion Day

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