What is EdVenture?

EdVenture is looking at two aspects of whatArchbishop-Beck-1

makes every school unique:

We do this by engaging the right people at the right time and giving them the right briefing.


Benefits of EdVenture:

JS45993785Make spaces more versatile, functional and inspiring.

Create solutions at an early stage for issues which otherwise only show up after the end of the project.

Decrease the time of refurbishment by up to 70% which dramatically reduces the disruption.

New build construction cost down
to about £1,200 per square meter.

We have 12 years of experience and over 400 projects completed in school fit-out and construction which we bring to bear on all our projects.

In all cases we make sure that students are involved as far and as practical as possible (and we don’t mean tours of the site). Seldom is this done so a valuable learning resource is wasted.

How it works: refurbishment / fitout

A typical time frame for an Edventure fitout project (project timelines vary depending on the size and scope of the work):

Step 1: Meet with school to determine scope of project and consult all stakeholders.

Step 2: Develop the brief, select and invite selected design teams in to view the space.

Step 3: Run a competitive process with the selected teams to ensure three quotes are received: select the winning team, finalise design and other decisions, sign contract and winning team places orders with their suppliers.

Step 4: Works carried out. Space handed over  to the school works completed. Refurbished within the agreed time and agreed budget.

Our Track Record:


Since we started, we have been involved in over 400 new builds and nearly 100 fitouts and refurbishments.  We have worked through PFI, BSF, PSBP, Academies, VA and even a very few private schools.

Our experience and contacts within the public and private sectors have allowed us to know, and then put together, ‘best in world’ teams for our clients.

But that also means that we ruffle feathers, because there are a lot of vested interests in the world of education buildings.  There are not many contractors who are able to spend the time (and money) in getting onto the various ‘approved’ lists, or frameworks and when they do, they want to keep potential competitors out.  Similarly there are a great many talented smaller organisations who would love to show what’s possible but the barriers to entry simply prevent them.

Marcus Orlovsky – EdVenture in a nutshell

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