Challenge Day

Challenge Days are a day long intervention with a broad set of activities, each designed to achieve a multi-layered impact. Its purpose is to take students and staff out of their comfort zone by giving seemingly impossible challenges and removing the safety nets in order to reset the benchmark of what is possible.

This fun, inspiring intervention is delivered for a variety of participants ranging from KS2 pupils to Leadership Teams, Parents and Governors.

This was made by KS2 students in just over 2 hours:

Challenging Mindsets

St Michael's Challenge Day - Resource Box

During the day participants work in teams to develop ways of overcoming challenges instead of looking for reasons why they can’t.

Crossing perceived barriers enables participants to redefine what’s possible and reassess their own abilities and the way they see and react to unexpected situations.

Challenge Days reset students’ mindsets and help by creating the right environment for each student to explore their real limits and showcase their potential to their parents and teachers.

Facilitating teamwork

IMG_0418When faced with a range of challenging tasks, with limited  instructions and tight deadlines, it is interesting to see how teams and individuals respond.

Every Challenge Day activity is designed to build teamwork. In other words, tasks cannot be achieved if the students don’t come together as a team.

Often the most unlikely characters emerge as leaders, analysing different strategies, whilst others surprise by taking a hands on approach in supporting their team.

Encouraging “learning by doing”

Manor Fields Challenge Day (114)The day appears to be flexible. We allow participants to decide how they work and who works on what. Teachers are encouraged to observe rather than lead. Whilst this might take them out of their own comfort zone to begin with, it gives them the opportunity of seeing how their students work independently. Often they report their surprise at their students creativity, resilience and willingness to take risks.

Challenge Day is much more than a fun day for students, it is a day of motivation, inspiration and learning outcomes for everyone involved.

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