What is Fitout?

Fitout is the term for fitting the interiors of a building rather than the building itself.  It’s a specialist activity focused on actual use, overall ‘feel’, materials, lighting, layout and similar.  Building contractors focus on how the building gets put together, and the materials used in building it.   We work together with schools to design, fitout and manage inspiring learning environments. Schools, together with our team of experts, redefine how learning environments should look like and be managed. Success if measured on how the spaces work and how effective they are in meeting the overall needs of the space and its users and occupiers.

How do we do it?

We have built a portfolio of more than 120 organisations who are expert in their own field of fitout.  This means that we can offer schools access to experts in remodeling or fitting areas including meeting or classrooms, theatres and cafes, toilets and offices to sports centres and science labs. And everything in between.

We have entire procurement route such that we can develop a proper brief with you, work out the likely cost ranges, identify the best people to do this and then run a process whereby three competing quotes for work are obtained.  Access to our “Best in the world” teams enables schools and colleges to get what they only imagined possible at an affordable cost in a record time.  We bring this expertise to any project no matter how small.

Schools, together with our team, define their expectations of what the end product should look like and what it should achieve.  We always make sure that whatever work is carried out links in to an area of the curriculum.

Our team then bring together a team of trusted experts in different fields to analyse the project and propose solutions.  We work on and adapt to projects of any size, nature and budget.


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