Fitout of New Arts and 6th Form Building

SONY DSC ?????????????????????????????????????This school in Yorkshire was very experienced in building and refurbishment work.  We met them during an ASCL conference where Marcus delivered a keynote at the annual conference.  Shortly afterwards, we ran an INSET session and were introduced to their new building project where they had already appointed a designer and subsequently a builder under a design and build contract, including all the interiors.  In truth, the building itself was going to be really special, but the Head felt that the interiors might not be ‘as special’.

After some consideration we ran our fitout process, this time to interface with the existing design and build contract.

As always, we created the design brief with students and teachers.  Interestingly this yielded a different set of requirements from that when the building was conceived (probably because we take these sessions to a different level of detail).  We then ran an information session to pre-selected teams and gave two weeks for them to revert with interior design and fitout proposals, having  due regard to needing to slot in with an existing team.  As a result, it was imperative that the programme was not delayed and that a great team could be created.

Sixth formers and art staff were involved in selecting the winning bidder: the existing design and build team recognized the strengths brought by the new entrant. Along the way we amended the existing design to create more useable area (around 10% extra) within the same footprint.

The first pictures show the information session: the last three show the resultant sixth form dining/work area and their common room together with the art studio.

Of particular note is all the bespoke furniture, the bespoke cruciform shapes for artists to work at (four at a time, vertical or horizontal) and the filing type storage whereby each student has nearly one cubic metre of personal storage space.

It was delivered to time and although very much ahead of what was expected, within the overall original budget.

We love doing this sort of project as everyone wins: the original architect gets to show a much better fitted building: the contractors find strength in a new supply chain: the school gets better facilities and students learn how ‘the real world’ works.SONY DSC?????????????????????????????????????

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