Socrates’ Tree: Gathering people’s thoughts

Teddington 4A London Borough approached us to assist with running two events for all the head teachers in Hillingdon. Having submitted their Strategy for Change (previously needed for Building Schools for the Future), Hillingdon really did need all their schools to adopt a shared vision and action plan for moving forwards.

We devised a full weekend conference for all head teachers and local authority representatives that focused on fostering relationships between different groups, creating a succinct, shared vision for Hillingdon BSF and an action plan for developing this vision into a reality.

Teddington 3Our second event used our immersion programme to help head teachers and the local authority to benchmark against what was possible from a transformational programme. This included skills workshops on how to critically assess design outcomes against a vision, and what to be prepared for from a prospective building programme.  We always seek to help leaders benchmark what they do against others, and usually from a completely different industry.

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