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  • “Bryanston Square helped us realise what we didn’t know we wanted.”

    Sister Anne Marie Niblock – Notre Dame RC Secondary Girls’ School

  • “I’ve learnt that I can do stuff on my own without having to rely on others. Now I can even be the leader of a group, instead of saying ‘I don’t know what to do!”

    Unlock student, year 9

  • “Bryanston Square gave the students the first taste of success.”

    Headteacher, London

  • “This programme has been pushing me, helping me to get better with my fears and my confidence.”

    Unlock student, Year 8

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Why is some school food poor quality and expensive

School kitchens tend to be much larger than commercial kitchens and there is often much less animation.  Too often they are hidden away with just a small servery.  Consequently there is less action and dining becomes feeding penitentiary style. Restaurants (and not just the expensive ones) are putting their kitchens on show.  They have staff […]

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Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework – How Unlock Can Help

One of the noticeable differences in the new Common Inspection Framework (CIF) issued by Ofsted in September 2015 is the introduction of “Personal Development” to the behaviour and welfare category. This is a written acknowledgement of the connection between the three areas. It has been formalised due to the evidence which suggests that there is […]

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Maker Spaces: using technology

By Marcus Orlovsky There is much criticism in the UK of the demise of manufacturing and of exciting students in the world of science and engineering and technology.  In California and other states there is the growth of Maker Spaces.  These areas are designed to offer the facilities and technical assistance to enable students to […]

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Guest blog: Susan Young on Marcus’ intervention at NAHT

Marcus Orlovsky wows the crowd Marcus Orlovsky, the morning’s keynote speaker, is possibly one of the most extraordinary individuals to grace a conference floor. I’m one of the few in the room to have seen him speak before – at the NAHT’s previous Education Conference in York last month – where an extraordinary personal story […]

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