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  • “Bryanston Square helped us realise what we didn’t know we wanted.”

    Sister Anne Marie Niblock – Notre Dame RC Secondary Girls’ School

  • “I’ve learnt that I can do stuff on my own without having to rely on others. Now I can even be the leader of a group, instead of saying ‘I don’t know what to do!”

    Unlock student, year 9

  • “Bryanston Square gave the students the first taste of success.”

    Headteacher, London

  • “This programme has been pushing me, helping me to get better with my fears and my confidence.”

    Unlock student, Year 8

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Student voice on the TEDx stage

I have always thought that having school students in the audience at a TEDx event, then giving them the stage to report back to the local audience on what they thought should be changed would be a good idea.  However, given that TEDx speakers (limited to 18 minutes on stage) spend a huge amount of […]

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Activating Students to Create Their Own Opportunities

A recent survey of over 1,000 students showed that 83% thought that work experience should be compulsory in the UK [Career College Trust. 2018]. Despite this, over a third hadn’t yet participated in any work experience through school. It is however encouraging to learn that just over half (51%) had arranged their own work experience […]

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Narrowing the Gender Gap in Engineering

Recently, we met Christina Balan, she’s the Hungarian engineer, living in Seattle, who developed the electrics for the batteries powering the TESLA and most other electric cars. We asked her if she has to prove herself as equal to her male colleagues, she answered: “every day!” If we look into engineering in our own country, […]

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Achieve More: Susan Young reporting on NAHT keynote delivered by Marcus

Marcus Orlovsky wows the crowd Marcus Orlovsky, the morning’s keynote speaker, is possibly one of the most extraordinary individuals to grace a conference floor. I’m one of the few in the room to have seen him speak before – at the NAHT’s previous Education Conference in York last month – where an extraordinary personal story […]

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